Does FiberFix Really Works – A Test From Southeast Missouri State University

FiberFix: A Promising Solution for Home Repairs? CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) – Homeownership often involves dealing with frequent repairs. FiberFix, a new product on the market, boasts its ability to provide quick, permanent, and waterproof repairs. But is it as effective as it claims?

FiberFix is a special tape, it’s as strong as steel. It is not an expression, it is literally as strong as steel,

producers claim.

The product’s creators advertise FiberFix as a super-strong, sandable, and paintable repair tape, capable of mending everything from broken tools to damaged waterlines. To evaluate these bold claims, including its purported strength surpassing steel and being 100 times stronger than duct tape, Beau Schau from the Polytechnic department at Southeast Missouri State University, was consulted.

Specializing in material testing, Schau’s role involves assessing the strength and durability of materials. He explained that their laboratory focuses on testing the tensile strength and torque resistance of various materials. Using a tensile testing machine, Schau compared the strength of FiberFix and Duct Tape in a controlled experiment.

First, Schau tested Duct Tape, wrapping a split metal crossbar with six layers and measuring the force required to break it. The Duct Tape held until it reached a force of 803 pounds. Next, Schau tested FiberFix under the same conditions. It sustained up to 5310 pounds of force before failing.

Although FiberFix didn’t match the strength of steel and was not 100 times stronger than Duct Tape, as claimed, it was still about 6.6 times stronger than Duct Tape, supporting approximately 2.5 tons.

Another claim about FiberFix is its ability to repair leaky pipes. To test this, John Miinch from Hacker Plumbing, Heating and Cooling was brought in. After applying FiberFix to a slashed pipe, the leakage reduced from a spray to a drip, leading Miinch to rate FiberFix with two stars for plumbing repairs. Schau gave it four stars for strength. Balancing these ratings, FiberFix received an overall score of three stars in this effectiveness test.

FiberFix can be purchased on or locally at supply shops. Following the airing of this test, FiberFix’s marketing team provided insights, suggesting the product used in the plumbing test might have been an older version. They indicated that the newer formulation is designed to address watertight issues more effectively.

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