FiberFix and Its Co-Founders Today

FiberFix and Its Co-Founders Today: A Journey of Innovation and Evolution

FiberFix, once a burgeoning startup featured on Shark Tank, has transformed into a major player in the repair industry. Despite the initial success that saw FiberFix products being sold in thousands of stores globally and amassing $50 million in retail sales within six years, the journey took a significant turn in 2018. Co-founders Child and Quinn decided to sell FiberFix to J-B Weld, known for their diverse range of adhesive repair products. This acquisition marked the end of their partnership with Lori Greiner and a new chapter for FiberFix.


Though FiberFix’s original digital presence has dwindled, with its website domain for sale and inactive social media accounts, the product continues to thrive under J-B Weld’s stewardship. Rebranded as FiberWeld, it is readily available on J-B Weld’s website and Amazon, signifying a seamless transition in ownership while retaining its core qualities. “FiberFix has evolved into a robust family of products, reaching over 20,000 retail locations globally. We’re confident that J-B Weld will propel these repair solutions to even greater heights,” Child remarked in a press release.

The Founders’ New Ventures

Post FiberFix, both Child and Quinn embarked on new entrepreneurial endeavors. Child remains the CEO of Spark Innovation LLC, which was the parent company of FiberFix. Spark Innovation has shifted its focus to helping entrepreneurs bring their products to market, offering services from design development to sales enhancement and distribution. The company now promotes products like ScreenMend, Illumibowl, Bobelo, CoverGrip, and Tubelox.

In 2021, Quinn transitioned to the role of senior e-commerce manager at Pattern. This global company aids businesses in amplifying their sales and has an impressive footprint in 60 countries, with over 1,150 employees and nine distribution centers. Though their journey with FiberFix has concluded, the experience has undoubtedly opened new avenues for them in the realm of business development and product innovation.

FiberFix: Sustaining Success and Growth

FiberFix has maintained its reputation and market presence since its Shark Tank debut. The exposure and validation from the show catapulted the brand into the spotlight, establishing it as a reliable name in the repair sector. Continuously innovating and expanding its product line, FiberFix remains committed to offering durable and efficient repair solutions.

FiberFix’s Current Market Standing:

  • Acquired by J-B Weld in 2018, FiberFix continues to be a popular choice in the repair market.
  • Its products are now available in over 50,000 stores worldwide, including major retailers like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Walmart.
  • FiberFix has broadened its online availability, with products accessible on platforms such as Amazon.
  • The brand’s reach and customer loyalty have only grown since its Shark Tank appearance.

FiberFix’s Timeline Post Shark Tank:

  • 2018: Acquisition by J-B Weld, marking a new strategic direction.
  • 2020: Achieved a significant milestone with $10 million in sales.
  • 2021: Expanded its product line, introducing new repair solutions to the market.
  • 2022: Launched international shipping, broadening its global reach and accessibility.

FiberFix, under the aegis of J-B Weld, continues to embody innovation and quality in the repair industry. The brand’s legacy, bolstered by its Shark Tank success and subsequent strategic moves, ensures its standing as a top choice for consumers seeking reliable, long-lasting repair solutions.

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